Saturday, November 28, 2009

Festive season and summer dresses

Scarily three weeks today its India and my birthday and December is so close! We decided to get in the festive spirit, not easy when you are used to associating Christmas with cold dark evening. 25 degrees plus and light till gone 9pm is somewhat difficult to get your head around, even though this is our third Christmas here.

We have also been birthday shopping and India has chosen some new togs and towel for her birthday and a new pair of puppy summer PJ's. Also a new school bag and dress ring. The girls have got new summer dresses, I have had the sewing machine out and got some great material from Spotlight to make them some light summer dresses. Great for camping in January. We have a practice camp next weekend - just over in Wainuiomata at the scout campsite with Catherine, family and friends. Should be fun, fingers crossed for a dry weekend!

India ha got over the disappointment of having a new pet for her birthday. 7 is enough pets for this family, she wanted a white rabbit who can live inside! Failing that a horse!! I think she may grow up to be a vet, it will at least address her Dr Doolittle tendancies!

Josh has been busy doing art at school and making panarama - looks like Mt Doom! Plus causing trouble at school, well a few tall tails that havn't gone down well!

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