Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kiwi As

Well not only has Andy successfully worked on a trailer and got it up to WOF standard - a real Kiwi thing to do, but a combined effort today from us both got the new veg bed almost ready. Andy got to use the big scary circular saw we got on trade me and I got to dig the plot over and hammer the nails in.... I think i got the rough end of the stick.... Anyway we just need 2 more panels to hammer on to the side (thats what happens when you send men shopping), and a bit more top soil (from work when Brett isn't looking!!!!). Then I will be ready to start planting the seeds now spring is almost here.

Meanwhile Pebbles is on Guinea Pig (Sid the pig/Squeeky) duty.

India is happily being an apprentict Kiwi, DIY sign from wood, broken bit of wood, bolt and some paint.

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