Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hideaways, player of the week and dualling guitars

Its been a busy weekend and its only saturday evening. Last night Andy and myself went to watch Star Trek - very enjoyable film and would recommend to all. Today we went and collected our circular saw and wind ornament that I won on trade me - great vale. so my winter raised veg bed project can commence......
Our highly skilled gem of an odd job man was back to finish the kids den and start on the fence. Kids are very impressed with their little hideaway at the top of the bush. I will post some photos soon. It is a 1.2 m by 1.2 m hut with sloping corrugated plastic roof. 2 solid sides and finished with Josh's army netting. Room for army canvas sides if more cover is required. Comes with its own hand made keep out post!

Mark has started on the fence, repairing and continuing the boundary fence to the end of the property.. As expected the neighbor came out to make noises. luckily I had prepared a photo copy of the survey showing we own the land right up to the concrete driveway so we were entitled to be putting the fence where we are doing - within our boundary by a good 30cms still. so he went off miffed that he doesn't actually own all the land down the side of the driveway infront of our fence. te he....

while all this was going on Josh was busy playing the first two netball games of the season for his team. This year he is in the silverpine yogi bears. Not only did they win both games convincingly josh as goal keeper won man of the match. After a lunch at macdonalds.... back for the second game where he played goal keeper for first half and goal defence for the second half to help them win again and firm up his winning of player of the week. He has a lovely tophey for the week which he is very proud of.

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