Monday, January 26, 2009

Escape to South Island

Andy and myself have enjoyed a holiday on our own and away from the kids, the first time we have had some space since April 2007, nearly 2 years. We decided to go exploring the south island a bit more and see some more of NZ. We did a short 1300 km loop from Blenheim, down to Kaikoura, across Arthurs Pass, up the West coast to Karamea, then back through Bullers gorge and Wairau valley and up to Havlock. There have been some vast changes in landscape and Geology, from hot arid planis and vinyards to lush mosit rainforest on the west coast.

We would highly recommend the Rough and Tumble lodge on the Mokihinui River, just north of Westport. its set in the Bush (sandflies and all) and is a perfect place to relax and escape from the wrold. no TV, internet, just great food, company and relaxing.

Blenheim was a lovely town, and the vinyards - there are over 60 vinyards, 4000 hectares. Thats a lot of drinking to be done! we did our bit!

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