Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Maam

Well after a very busy May, with both Andy and myself off to Perth, we have settled down into a chilled Holiday weekend - in more ones than one.

It is now winter and chilly - well it is also the opening weekend for the ski fields. We also went to the Museum of Wellington and the Sea. Then into a cafe for lunch before hitting the toy shop. Back to work and school tomorrow.

Saffy is enjoying Kindy now, 2 afternoons a week and loving having her own space and friends. India can write her own name now and is starting to read stories from picture books. Including skyping Nanna and Grandad a bedtime story - Hairy Mclary and Schnitel von Krumm - with a very low tum!

Unfortunately getting the three of them to take a nice photo is impossible the girls just can not resist!!!! and as for gappy......... and his expensive white hot chocolate tastes.....

Cheeky minxes !!!

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