Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tunnel Gully

We join Kevin the wandering Kiwi (see other photos for this one!!!) on his walk around Tane's Track (pronounce tar-nay's) Maori spelling! It was about an hours tramp through the bush - buggy compatible and a slight diversion through the old railway tunnel with Josh's friend logan and Emma and Alex!

Quick Maori language lesson:
Vowel pronunciations
a = are as in Far
e = ear
i = ee as in me
o = or as in awe
u = ou as in foot

Anyway it was great fun and a great walk - they are doing one every Thursday in the holidays.

This was all before we came home and did some scrap booking which resulted in India now having a fringe!!!!! Saffron did it of course! I tidied it up!

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