Thursday, September 13, 2007

2 steps forward 3 steps back

A Weta in case you didn't know!!!!!

Well it has been a hard week, no sleep and lots of calls back to the UK.

Our current buyer failed to meet the 3rd and final exchange date last week and after organising everything was ready to go Monday for exchange and completion this Friday but he is now refusing to exchange over some stupid excuse that is not related to the sale. Enough is Enough he has been told exchange and complete Friday else goodbye house!

Lucky for us we had already started to re-market on the QT after he failed to exchange and it looks like we may have found another buyer. But we have to start again from surveys etc etc. I dread to think how much money we are loosing every month that the house goes unsold. Let alone the huge rent we have here while waiting for the money from the house so we can buy here. I flinch every time I hear the kids banging the doors, running up the stairs dragging some toy or see raspberry kiss marks on the windows!

The good news is I have 2 fab friends I need to hire out as garden SOS workers. They have donated a morning to go and mow the lawn and trim the bushes and tidy it up. I appreciate it load - thanks girls!

Other positive news - I had my first phoenix order as a NZ trader - yippee!!!! The first of many I hope! I have been leaving posters everywhere and doing leaflet drops in the letterboxes on my walk to school.

Saffy had her first session at her school! Cope out really as the swimming pool has a creche and I have booked her in for 1 hour every Thursday while I do some lengths and have a wind down in the spa pool and sauna for 45 mins! It is one of my good days while India is at Kindy and Josh at school I am getting to do some me stuff finally!
And saffy gets to play in the sandpit and on the slide and have lots of fun too.

Right off to get some tea before another round of calls to estate agents!

Oh Josh gets invested as a Kea Scout next thursday - NZ equivalent of a Beaver Cub.

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